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The team of instructors here at JR Yoga are all certified and well-versed in a variety of yoga forms.

Yoga Instructor


Gwen like many others, love being outdoors, long distance run and a avid mountain trekker and thought yoga was too slow for her liking. However this mindset changed when she started working in a physiotherapy clinic and understood the importance of building muscle memory for efficient daily functional movement. She then suffered a sports injury and painfully took her away from her favourite sports.

She was being introduced to yoga once again. She began to connect better with the concept of how yoga is able to strengthen muscle memory and improve daily functional movements.

Retired from the corporate world after working for close to 2 decades, she decided to embark on her yoga journey. She accomplished her 1st 200 hours yoga teacher training and it was a journey of no return. Through her training, she got the chance to immerse deeper into the wisdom of yoga and started teaching and sharing what she have experienced through her learning. Afterall, the more teaching and sharing she did, the more she learns.

She has also return back to her long distance running, mountain trekker, and got a better experience applying what she have learn from yoga into these favourite activities. She strongly believes ‘Apply therapy according to lifestyle’, which is what she is working to achieve with all her participants.

· RYT 200-hr Yoga Seeds Teacher Training

· 50-hr Basic Yin Yoga Teacher Training

· 50-hrs Meridian Yin Yoga Teacher Training

· 30-hr Yoga Therapy (CET)

Yoga Instructor

Min Yi

As a kid growing up, Minyi found that exercise was not part of her lifestyle and struggled with body weight issues. Nonetheless, she took up Muay Thai,Brazilian jiu-jitsu and powerlifting later as an adult. There was never a day without some form of workout since. The hectic yet mostly sedentary office lifestyle brought her all kinds of health issues. After several years of struggle and contemplation, She decided enough was enough. Inevitably she found her new love in yoga and went on to undergo a tough training in becoming a certified yoga instructor.

Minyi finds great joy seeing people grow from strength to strength and when her clients let her know how much they have benefitted from her guidance and training.

“Do your practice and all is coming.” ~ Yoga Guru Sri Pattabhi Jois

· RYT 200 Hour Hatha/Ashtanga Tirisula Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Instructor


Before approaching yoga, Yoga to Melody was merely an exercise that needs flexibility. Ten years ago, invited by her friend, she decided to try out hatha yoga at the community centre near to her house. Surprisingly, she realised that yoga is more than just physical capabilities, but also includes various types of pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

Few years ago, it was a tough time for her. To ease her grief, she tried out simple pranayama and meditation and realised its benefits. She enjoys the moment on the mat whether practicing yoga at home or in the studio, by synchronizing breathing with movements, this helps her dwell in the present moment. Of course, yoga instil her to embrace imperfection when comes to challenging postures, it needs patience and more practices.

To deepen knowledge about yoga, she decided to take 200hr yoga teacher training in 2015 so that she can share more knowledge with people. She also do karma yoga by involving in charity activities.

What yoga teaches her: It isn’t about flexibility and looking cool, it’s about being yourself on your own mat, connecting your breathing, letting go of ego, focusing on your practice and getting closer to experience inner self. Indeed, always with beginner’s mind, practising yoga is an on-going journey for her.

· RYT 200-hr Hatha Yoga Seeds Teacher Training

· 50 hour of The Theory & Practice of Yin Yoga with Yoga in Asia

· 50 hour of Yin Yoga Meridian Training with Yoga in Asia

· Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Training -Level 1 with Chris Su

Yoga Instructor


Jasmine’s first yoga class happened in 2010 when she was facing immense stress and unsuccessful coping strategies in a demanding job position as a perioperative nurse. The consistent practice in yoga allowed her to cope better with fragmentary working hours and varying sleeping patterns. Yoga has made her stronger and flexible both on and off the mat. In the last 6 years, she was further inspired to deepen her practice and would like people around her to benefit from the beauty of yoga.

With the simple intention of #moreyogaformorepeople, Jasmine motivates people in getting connected to their inner self and explore their mental and physical capabilities through consistent yoga practice. She also looks forward to helping students cope with their daily lifestyle at work or at home through pranayama, meditation and asanas practice. Beginning with limited flexibility and stamina, Jasmine understands the helplessness and frustrations students have when they first started yoga.

Hence, she constantly reminds what Confucious once said “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”.

Jasmine conducts yoga for all ages and all types of people. She founded and conducts Pay What You Wish Yoga Singapore with a team on a regular basis.





Yoga Instructor

Norwen Chin

Chin started her yoga journey in 2010. She has been practicing different yoga styles over the years. In 2015 she completed her 200 and 300-hr yoga teacher training with Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore and Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga. Since then, Chin has been teaching yoga and she never stop her own yoga learning journey, she continue learning by attending workshops and overseas retreat to deepen her knowledge.

To share the benefits of yoga, she is a volunteer teacher in few non-profit organizations such as Breast Cancer Foundation and Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation.

Chin enjoys working on endurance and alignment in her class. Often will see her provide her students with hands-on adjustments on the mat. She brings her ‘yoga is for everybody and every BODY’ believe to her class and happy to see every little progress her student made towards their yoga journey.

· 200 hours YIC certs from Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore

· 300 hours YIC certs from Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga

· 250 hours Yoga Wellness (Yoga Therapy) by Yogapoint Singapore (Yoga Vidya Gurukul)

· Yin Yoga Meridian Immersion by Victor Chng of Yin Yoga in Asia

· Anatomy of muscles in yoga posture by Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore

· Taping on Yoga posture and Chair Yoga by Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore

· Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Workshop by Yogapoint Singapore

· Yoga Therapeutics: Bodywork Application by Yoga with Daphne

Yoga Instructor

Teng Lan

Teng Lan has been inspired by Yoga practice in her teens. A Chartered Accountant in her corporate life, she practised Yoga to seek balance amidst her hectic life and long working hours. Practising Yoga brings her lot of calm, peace and harmony in both mind and body. Her practice has brought about significant health improvements for her, including reduction of stress, migraine and insomnia. After resigning from her job 5 years ago, she focuses on sharing her yoga experience and benefits with people around her.

· Trained in 100-Hrs Comprehensive Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Victor Chng’s

Yin Yoga In Asia

· Trained in 200-Hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course accredited by Yoga

Alliance USA with Dr. Venky’s Shivshakti Yoga Institute (International)


· Certificate in Backache Management (Yogic Methods) with Dr. Venky.

· Certificate in 8-week .b Mindfulness and 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress

Reduction (MBSR)

· Certificate in Ayurveda and Diet Course with Union Yoga

· Completed both Basic, intermediate and Advance Nutrition Course with Wong

Kee Yew, Principal of The Veg School

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