Classes Offered

Flow Yoga

A breath and movement synchronized form of yoga practice. Pacing through progressive varieties of sun salutations improving overall flexibility and strength both physically and mentally.

Yin and Release

The complete opposite of most traditional form of hatha practice. The practice of stillness and mindfulness. Poses are grounding aimed to quiet the mind and develop a state of equanimous self. Learning the self massage techniques to release deep tissue tightness along major muscle groups.

Gentle Yoga

A milder form of hatha yoga with soothing movements to calm the body and the mind during the session. Longer duration stretches are expected to go deeper into the connective tissues with the help of your breathing. Different breathing techniques will be taught to cope with the stretches and can also be applied to daily life events that happens off the yoga mat

Hatha Yoga

Classical traditional form of yoga beginning with classical sun salutations to warm up the body. It energises the body with grounding standing postures, strengthens the entire core center and ending the practice with a well rested mindful relaxation.

Yin Yang Yoga

We have both the Yin and Yang elements in our body regardless of our physical differences, and when these 2 elements are balanced in our body, we arrive at a stage of contentment and peace. Adopting this concept into our yoga practice and customising some of the poses to use in our daily life to achieve this balance.


A fixed vinyasa sequence that is dynamic and physically demanding. The rhythmic movement is meant to create heat within the body for internal cleansing of impurities and diseases.

Yoga Therapy

Adapting the yoga practices (asanas) for people with existing illnesses/injuries to regain optimal health. There can be very specific sets of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to suit every individual conditions.

Yin and Qi

Applying the concepts of Grounding, Holding and Relaxation to unblock the energy highways in our body for a complete and smooth flow of Prana (Qi) to all parts of our body. Expect to feel well rested and reenergised after this 75 mins session.