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May 9, 2019by JR Yoga0

Latest workshop in June by Victor Chng at JR Yoga Bugis. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your practice. Limited slots available.

Begin with the FEET; Foundation for Body Alignment,
20 June : 9.00am – 11.00am
When the body is out of alignment,, muscles and joints starts to get into tight spaces which result in tension. This is a workshop focusing on releasing tension of the lower body (hips, knees, ankles and lower back). It will begin with the feet and the ankle, which forms the base of the body. It is the feet and ankle joints which provide supports to the whole body including the hips and knees. We will look at how to gain more space in the ankle joints and improving co-ordination with the knees and hips to release any tension. With better feet placement, you will be able to improve the holding pattern of the whole body

20 June : 2pm – 4pm
Hips & Forward Bends
The pelvis is the dividing region between the upper and the lower body. It is the mobility of the hips that will give us more movement. We begin our exploration of hips movement with forward bends to release the legs from its origin. When the pelvis has more freedom, it will improve its relationship with the shoulders to gain better structural alignment naturally. This workshop will look at hips and forward bend movements to help you to gain freedom form the pelvis and shoulder alignment.

21 June : 9.00am – 11.00am
Increase Hips and Lower Back Movement
Tensions around the hips and lower back can cause limitation in movement. It is also part of the core in the body where everything is hold together. In this workshop, we will look at releasing the psoas fascia, which can contribute to most of the back tension. We will also get into deep hip works to prepare the body to go into back releasing poses. We will look at hunches of the upper back and improving your back condition after this practice.

22 June : 9am – 11.00am
Releasing the tension of neck & shoulder
Neck and Shoulder tension is a common problem that can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Tissues around the neck region is weaker and will need to address them in a gentle way. Problems may also arise from tension surrounding the pelvis instead of the neck and shoulder that cause increase in Kyphosis. This workshop will work around the neck and shoulder to provide overall balance to the area.

About Victor Chng
Victor is an expert on Yin Yoga. He combines, qi-gong and Taiji prinicples into the practice for improving structural alignment and energy flow. Victor has been teaching yoga for the last 16 years and travels widely in both Asia and Europe to share his knowledge on yoga. He continues to explore his techniques via fascia research and movement based on qi-gong. www.yinyogainasia.com

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